Renishaw, TP20 6-way probe module, A-1371-0419

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The TP20 is a compact module changing touch-trigger
probe. The two-piece design, comprising of a probe
body and detachable stylus module(s), allows the use of a
range of stylus configurations and extensions to access
features on complex parts. Modules can be changed
manually or automatically without the need for
requalification of the stylus tip.

The 6-way probe module is identified by a blue cap. This
probe module is designed for 6-way operation where
there is a requirement to measure in the –Z direction, for
example when measuring undercuts.
The recommended stylus limits for the 6-way probe
module are:

. Any stylus type up to 30 mm long
. Star and cranked styli up to 10 mm offset
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