Fowler, Full Probe Accessory Set for Fowler-Sylvac Hi_Cal Electronic Height Gages, 54-930-215-0

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Full Accessory Set 

Wooden box
54-199-509-0Ruby ball probe Ø 2mm
54-199-512-0Tungsten carbide ball probe Ø 1mm
54-199-510-0Knife-edged measuring probe TC Ø 3mm
54-199-511-0Cylindrical measuring probe TC Ø 3mm
54-199-507-0Probe holder 90° M2.5
54-199-508-0Probe holder 90° Ø 4mm
54-199-502-0Disk shaped anvils Ø 7.7mm and Ø 11.5mm, M2.5
54-199-506-0Extension 80mm M2.5
54-618-540-0Ball point Ø 2mm/M2.5
54-199-501-0Probe holder and ruby ball probe Ø 2mm, M2.5

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