Venture PLUS

The bridge type construction is all aluminum resulting in low inertia and low thermal mass. Air bearings are used on all axes and a granite Y beam is used for increased accuracy. This ensures that the machine will expand and contract uniformly with temperature changes ensuring minimal distortion and subsequent errors. Ambient temperature can be compensated for within the Fusion software making the Venture PLUS ideal for use on the shop floor.

Complete with our standard zoom optics and programmable, segmented LED surface lighting, Venture PLUS offers the same level of camera based functionality as every other Venture.

Programming using the touch probe is easy, Simply probe each element of the part using the minimum of points to create a program template. This process can be done at the machine using the actual part, or off-line using a CAD model.

Measurements made using the camera are also automatically added to the current inspection program. Unique conditions are saved with each measurement so each element is measured in exactly the same way (lighting, edge detection settings etc.) for every part in a batch.

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