Labconcept Premium

Universal Length Measuring Instrument

The Fowler/Trimos LABCONCEPT Universal Length Measurement System combines the ultimate in accuracy, performance, range and simplicity in an easy to use, robust instrument.

It can calibrate all types of standards including plug gages, ring gages, thread plug gages, thread ring gages, snap gages, depth gages, dial indicators and more. A large variety of accessory supports and probes allow unmatched versatility in checking both internal and external dimensions.


  • Large measuring range 0 – 20″/500mm and 0 – 39.4″/1000mm
  • Developed for ISO 9000/2000 standards
  • Switchable Resolution; 0.0001″, 0.00001″, 0.000001″, or 0.001mm, 0.0001″, 0.00001mm
  • Wide range of easily interchangeable accessories
  • Adjustable measuring force 0 – 12N
  • Displacement speed of measuring carriage = 60″/sec(1.5m/sec)
  • Fine adjustment range = 0.394″/10mm
  • Operational temperature limit 10˚-40˚C
  • Operational humidity limit 30 – 80%
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