Measurement Solutions, Inc. was founded in Muskego, WI with 1 simple mission statement “Measurement Problems – SOLVED!”  In today’s MEGA-MRO distribution network that is focused on product, volume and margin, MSI comes to market with a different approach.  Rather than focusing on products to meet our customer’s needs, we focus on the best solution the solves our customers measuring problem.  These problems come in all shapes and sizes and we are well equipped to handle such problems as: Accuracy, GR&R, Training, Delivery and of course PRICE.  We have built such strong partnerships with our customers that quite often they send us a part and a print and ask us what would we do to measure the features.  Many times, the solution is not an off the shelf answer.  It may be a complete custom gage that requires design and build as well as off the shelf components.  MSI has the resources to get that done 

Measurement Solutions has over 25 years of experience in the broadest range of metrology areas of Calibration, CMM, Vision, Surface Form Geometry, and Hand Tools.  Our customers range from Aerospace, Defense, Medical and general manufacturing.   MSI routinely solves problems all over the Midwest including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana. 

Measurement Solutions has made Fowler High Precision one of the cornerstones in our business plan.  We feel that the products they offer combined with the support they give enables us to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.  Representing industry’s leading lines like Trimos, Sylvac, Bowers, Wyler and now zCAT set us apart from our competitors.  Additionally, MSI has the knowledge and expertise to demonstrate these products with or without factory support.  Another key element about being a solutions provider to our customers is our ability to correctly demonstrate and train on all the products we represent.  We feel it is not in our customer’s best interest to be pushed back to the manufacturer all the time for answers.  We want to be the first line of defense when there is a problem. 

We understand that in today’s global economy there is not a shortage of places to get your gages.  It seems that market place is growing daily.  But what there is, and why Measurement Solutions was formed, is a shortage of understanding and know-how.  We don’t care if you don’t have a part number, we don’t care if you’re not sure what it’s called, just tell us what you are trying to do.  Give us your problem, we will give you a solution!

                Measurement Problem – SOLVED!